Elements and the Magnetic Pack are a match made in Heaven

Since 1900 most rolling papers have been interleaved. Interleaved is a process where when you pull out one sheet, the next one comes forward ready to be pulled out as well. The problem with interleaving is that each sheet gets folded exactly in half...

When we roll our smokes, we then have to re-fold the paper in order to make for easier rolling. What we realized was that we could invent a new way of interleaving where each sheet would be folded at the PERFECT spot for rolling.

Want to know more about the greatest innovation to hit rolling papers since 1900?

"Instead of being folded in the middle, each of these leaves is folded in the perfect spot for easier, perfect rolling. This new invention can only be described as THE PERFECT FOLD ™

OK so what is the perfect spot? We surveyed people from every market we could reach and reached a consensus of what the absolute perfect range would be to fold the paper. Then we built a special machine in Alcoy Spain (the birthplace of rolling paper) to fold them this PERFECT way.

Alas, now we can finally bring you ELEMENTS PERFECT FOLD, which makes these papers are easier to roll than regular interleaved papers. This, coupled with our CrissCross run-preventing watermark and ultra thin rice paper, together we are making Elements one of the greatest thin rolling papers ever made.

This is the kind of invention you probably expect from us by now, and we want you to know how much we appreciate your support.

Patents Filed and Pending